Autumn Falling

Some 40 plus years ago, my then 5 year old daughter was on the front page of the local newspaper.  She was jumping into a huge pile of leaves.  Laughing, kicking  and raking leaves.  To this day, when I see the leaves begin their turn into the brilliant reds, oranges and brown, I recall this sweet moment in our lives.

Later in life, I had a home that had three huge maple trees .  The color of those leaves in the fall always brought such joy, that I would find myself crying.  Immeasurable joy comes from just looking at the trees.

Imagine, when I saw a huge maple just outside my bathroom window.  It was  situated perfectly for me to visually soak in, while I enjoyed a bath.  This is the tree that influenced the painting

“ Autumn Falling”. 

Initially this painting was supposed to be a vine of periwinkle blue morning glory flowers.  I can only assume that my inner muse took over due to my many , many visual  soaks of that maple tree, and inspired me to create these tumbling leaves, for I had no plan to do so. 

As I pen this little missive, it is early September.  I find myself now looking up at the trees around, to see any hint of the beginning of the beautiful journey from green to red, orange and brown.  Is it any wonder, we have a loving creator of our world, when we look upon these colors?


Magical Impressionism

Did  you know that the mere act of viewing or experiencing art can foster a happy feeling? 

Just knowing that makes me smile.  And it is a major contributor to the type of art I create and my subjects.  

It is particularly satisfying to allow my intuition to pull out of me thoughts and ideas I’ve tucked away through the years as I observe the world around me.  Nothing is ever planned, but it is always felt.  

So, when a friend suggested to me that I create MAGICAL IMPRESSIONISM, I could feel my heart leap for joy!   

It could be said this is my sacred mission: to create paintings that allow others to feel happy.  Even if it’s just for a few minutes.